How Taking the Time to Verify Your Network Could Save You Millions

As our reliance on technology increases, so does the need for modern systems to support these devices and experiences. This has sparked a shift to services that deliver always-on, connected and remote-based content. Software-as-a-service has become increasingly reliable and necessary to keep up with modern trends. All of this, of course, relies on a solid, […]

Could blockchains rattle ECM?

Blockchains first entered public consciousness as a means of managing crypto-currency, but as the use cases broaden what might be the impact on enterprise content management? SER’s Alexandra Lilienthal suggests that discounting the model’s potential in ECM may be shortsighted There may still be some significant challenges to overcome, but blockchains – used originally to […]

USAF A2 Industry Symposium On The Way Ahead for Air Force ISR 2 Feb 2018

If you have a clearance and work issues of operational military intelligence I would like to bring your attention to the 2 Feb 2018 Air Force A2 Industry Symposium on the USAF ISR Way Ahead. Speakers include subject matter experts, thought leaders and general officers (not meaning to imply that those three terms are mutually […]

The American Way of War Is Based On Tech: Don’t Let It Be Our Downfall!

If you have not read it yet, I would like to bring your attention to the incredibly prescient science fiction short story by Arthur C. Clarke titled “Superiority” (available in the collection: The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke). Written in 1951, this is such a great read because it captures some key, apparently enduring qualities […]

Recognizing Relevant Big Data and How to Use It

Big Data is everywhere you look, and we have seen how useful it can be. Among billions of terabytes of data gathered, there is a treasure of marketing data that businesses need to understand in order to know what is relevant and how to use it to get better business results. Businesses waste 40 percent […]

Strata Data Conference March 5-8 2017 In San Jose: Make data a competitive advantage

Strata Data Conference is where thousands of innovators, leaders, and practitioners gather to develop new skills, share best practices, and discover how tools and technologies are evolving to meet new challenges. O’Reilly and Cloudera jointly bring us this global event series. The place to interact with the businesses and tech providers moving data analytics forward […]